Nồi luộc trứng / ROLLER GRILL EGG BOILER CO 60

Mã sản phẩm: CO60


Loại: Equipment

Nhà cung cấp: Roller Grill

Essential for your breakfast buffets, this Gastronorm eggs boiler GN 1/3 allows your customers to boil their own eggs for breakfast according to their cooking preference.

You do not need any more to rearm the safety thermostat in case of overheating or lack of water. This eggs boiler works like a bain-marie: the heating element underneath the water container, the aluminium plate for the transfer of the heat on the whole bottom of container and the temperature limitator to cook in safe. Easy tidying thanks to the lid. Cooking capacity : 6 eggs (on demand more baskets available for a capacity of 10 eggs).

Features: Thermostat, temperature limitator, on/off press button, pilot light. Delivered with 6 numbered baskets.

Power : 1.2 Kw
External dimensions : 215 x 430 x 255 mm
Weight : 4.5 Kg
Volts : 230 V
Capacity : 10 oeufs

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