Lò nướng ROLLER GRILL BAR 1000

Mã sản phẩm: BAR1000


Loại: Equipment

Nhà cung cấp: Roller Grill

The infrared toaster with 1 level cooks instantly at core with no smoke or odour thanks to infrared quartz tubes (1050°C). The independent selection of each set of quartz tubes makes it a real versatile equipment : toaster, broiler, small salamander to brown onion soups, pizzas, pies, cassolettes.

Fast temperature rise in less than 30 s. Removable back panel for an easy cleaning.

Equipment : quartz tubes selector, 15’ timer with a lock position for non-stop use, pilot light and removable handle. Delivered with protection grids for quartz tubes (patented). Option : sandwich tongs (F01013).

Power : 2 Kw
External dimensions : 450 x 285 x 305 mm
Cooking surface : 350 x 240 mm
Yield : 150 toasts/h
Weight : 10 Kg
Volts : 230V

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