Máy trộn Hobart / Hobart Legacy® HL200 Mixer

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Hobart Legacy Mixers deliver repeat performances daily. So you can, too.

With its exclusive swing-out bowl, the Legacy mixer revolutionized mixing, making it much simpler to install or change bowls and add or take out product. While bringing a new ease to mixing, the Legacy retains the features that have made Hobart mixers the industry standard. Built to last for years, its major components are analyzed and life-tested under extreme conditions to ensure durability.

It starts, of course, with the swing-out bowl. With the Legacy, you can Shift-on-the-Fly and change speeds when you want. Simple controls start and stop the mixer while Quick Release agitators let you quickly change components. The countertop models have an ergonomic lift handle that lets the operator effortlessly raise and lower the bowl.

It’s what chefs are looking for most in a mixer. Consistency. The Legacy mixer has traditional Hobart speeds—the same speeds chefs have relied on for decades. The Legacy will even remember the last programmed time for each speed.

The whole Legacy—as well as its individual parts—is easier to clean. Its sleek, rounded design is made for easy cleaning. The bowl guard is convenient to open and remove—without tools—for cleaning and sanitizing. The easy-to-clean splash guard protects the mixer from ingredient and product splash-out. And, of course, the swing-out bowl is simple to remove for cleaning.

  • Available in 12- and 20-quart models
  • Exclusive swing-out bowl
  • Shift-on-the-Fly™ Technology
  • Traditional Hobart mixing speeds for product consistency
  • Quick Release™ agitators

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