Máy cắt thực phẩm Hobart / Hobart Food Cutter HCM450

Mã sản phẩm: HCM450


Loại: Equipment

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No matter how much product you need to cut down to size or knead together, the HCM450 Cutter Mixer is up to the task.

The Hobart Cutter Mixer has a 45-quart bowl and 5-H.P. motor designed for the most demanding operations. Boasting 1,140 rpm, it enables consistent processing of a variety of products. Liquid product can be continuously added to the mix via the pour-through center shaft with the cover closed, and the wide, shallow bowl provides easy access.

Easy to operate from start to clean.

The HCM450 has simple Start and Stop switches that are completely sealed and washable for easy cleaning. A five-minute timer includes Jog, Run and Timed settings, with Jog and Run settings giving the operator flexibility for non-timed recipes. A counterbalanced clear Lexan bowl cover seals in liquid product without a rubber gasket while enabling the operator to monitor the mix. But what really makes the HCM450 easy to use is the 90-degree bowl tilt—you simply pour out your product. And that tilt also helps make cleaning a snap.

Made for the long haul, the bowl, mixing baffle and support bar are stainless steel. The base is steel with a powder-coat finish.

Cutter Mixer Chart

  • Highly versatile with attachments for slicing, shredding and chopping
  • Available in 14" and 18" bowl size models
  • Heavy-duty motors for demanding applications
  • Easy-to-clean, one-piece housing
  • Removable bowl cover, knives and bowl
  • Cut, mix and blend in seconds
  • 45-quart bowl with pouring lip
  • Durable steel base
  • Five-minute timer
  • Bowl-tilt lever
  • See-through cover
  • 5-H.P. motor

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