Máy cắt rau rủ Sirman TM INOX

Mã sản phẩm: TMINOX


Loại: Equipment

Nhà cung cấp: Sirman

Máy cắt rau rủ Sirman 

Model: TM INOX Tagliav

- Aluminium alloy and S/S construction.

- Ventilated motor for continuous operation.

- Thanks to its compact design the machine is easy to install inside every kitchen.

- The exclusive feeding system makes easy to process also soft products like moz-zarella cheese.

- Safe operation is ensured by interlock switches on product pusher, lid and collect-ing tray.

- Version with dishwashing safe S/S lid available.

- Large number of discs available for every purpose.

- Power: Watt 515 - Hp 0,7

- Power source: 1ph/3ph

- Disc revolutions: r.p.m. 300

- Shipping: mm 720x350x500

- Net weight: Kg 18,5

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